Our Portfolio

We love creating software so much that each line of code is treated as a work of art. Our clients have the certainty that their projects are in the best hands.

Sport Gym Holix

Holix Lab Sport Gym was the first app created by our team. In March 2020 it entered the ranking of successes of sport applications in the Apple App Strore, placing it in position number 19.

It even appeared in Shark Tank Mexico!

Holix Lab Sport Gym, is an application that contains a complete collection of exercises divided by category that also allows gyms to register their customers and trainers.


Focused on the user experience.

Users are our priority, so we focus our work on ensuring a well-planned and comprehensive experience, which allows you to use our products smoothly and intuitively.

These were the principles with which we designed Merkadote, a food delivery application that can process orders, and has a control panel to manage branches and delivery.

VetLink – GrandPet

Value and simplicity.

The simplicity with which the processes are carried out generates value for the users of any application.

VetLink seeks to link pets to veterinary clinics and improve the way in which consultations are conducted. It allows users to create profiles of their pets and schedule medical, haircutting, and deworming appointments. It also saves the pets’ clinical history and vaccination records. Everything is stored in one place.

Keep improving

Smart Plan is an application created to support entrepreneurs in their adventure to reach the top.

The application allows the user to measure and record the development of their enterprise day by day, set objectives, and contain a collection of resources to help them in their venture.

Innovating with gamification

The aim of gamification is that users get ‘hooked’ and want to keep using an application because it is fun to do so.

This is the case of MIDE Tu Huella de plástico, an application that tracks the user’s plastic consumption daily and allows them to challenge their friends to consume less plastic. The application keeps track of the two participants and indicates which one of them wins the competition.

Analysis and connection

Precision and accuracy of data, analysis, and results, these are the ingredients that create a powerful tool.

Autorama Sales Leads is an application created to register cars for sale and interested in acquiring a certain model of vehicle. The application analyzes this information and matches cars for sale with potential buyers.

Image and technology

The mix of design and technology creates an attractive tool for the user.

This is the case of Bebbia by Rotoplas, an application that provides the user with information about his water consumption from the palm of his hand. The application has a character that changes its animation depending on whether the water consumption goal is met.

Constant evaluation

We need to evaluate the results while developing a tool to foresee mistakes and detect areas of opportunity.

This application is an evaluation system; it allows the attendees of a presentation to evaluate the exhibitors and send them questions in real-time.

Order and organization

Order and organization are key tasks that govern our developments.

This is the case of Autorama Appraisals is an application that helps to organize and improve communication between all people involved in the appraisal of a pre-owned vehicle, making the process faster and more efficient.

Platforms and control systems

An application is usually accompanied by a control panel that allows you to enter data, review statistics, and view results.

We have extensive experience developing control platforms and inventory systems in the cloud.

Control Platforms

This is the case of pixca.app, a berry production control platform.

The web app can manage and keep production accounting and payments to workers in addition to displaying statistics.